Act Funding Agreement

to negotiate and conclude a crown financing agreement containing all the agreed terms; “Local governments across America were pleased to play their part in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic to protect the well-being of our constituents,” said Irondequoit Supervisor Dave Seeley. “We did this knowing the impact of the virus on our fiscal position. And while we, like all Irondequoit businesses and families, have tightened our belts at City Hall, I`m nonetheless grateful to the Bello County Executive for working to provide this valuable funding. It will protect our taxpayers and ensure that we continue to invest in what allows our government to best serve these taxpayers. Like Monroe County, many local governments have experienced revenue losses and additional expenses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is time for President McConnell to take steps towards new comprehensive legislation to support families, small businesses and local governments for the duration of this crisis. And in this act, the Crown refers to an agreement between the Crown and a person in which the Crown agrees to provide money in return to the person who provides the services referred to in the agreement or arranges them for the provision of the services referred to in the agreement. “The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every sector of our society, especially local communities that are struggling to meet the needs of their communities,” said MP Joe Morelle.