Landscaping Services Agreement

Include a due date for monthly service charges and accepted payment options. In addition, if payment is not received by the agreed due date, late fees are added and all future landscaping services are suspended until the account is fully paid. A lawn maintenance contract allows a client to enter into an agreement with a landscaper for commercial or private services for payment. The landscaper often provides lawnmowers, security guards, clippings and all other customer maintenance requests. Services are usually based on a planned basis, especially for business customers, with the customer paying a recurring weekly or monthly amount. The amount a landowner pays to a landowner depends on the services provided and the amount of land use. There are many scenarios that differ when a price is estimated. Therefore, the best solution is to contact the top 3 lawn care providers near you and get a price. A safe way to sign an agreement is online. The parties` online signatures are legally binding. It`s a convenient way to speed up the process and eliminate stress for you and the customer.

Although this document is printable and converted into a PDF file, you can easily use a secure platform to get it signed online and not have to print paper copies. PandaTip: This landscaping contract is designed in such a way that landscaping services are maintained every hour for a certain period of time. However, it is likely that customers will want a monthly or annual estimate of the total cost, so that it is made available separately, while allowing for different billing periods. Please indicate your prices for the agreed services. You may need to list different prices for different seasons. For example, you can charge $60 a month in summer and $30 a month in winter. This Landscaping Services contract (the “contract”) indicates the terms of the agreement between [LANDSCAPING COMPANY] and your main place of activity of [ADDRESS] and [the “customer” (the “customer”) who agrees to be bound by this agreement. No, in most cases.

If the landscaper is required to propose basic residential landscaping, no license is required. Although, if the landscaper is required to provide specialized services such as design, tree transportation, pesticide spraying or other commercial work, they may require a license depending on state or county laws.