Old Listing Agreement

38. The Company accepts that, in the event of such a listing request, the rules, statutes and rules of the exchange, which are in effect now or thereafter, apply, and the company also undertakes to comply, within a reasonable time, with the other rules that the Exchange may adopt as a general condition for new listings. 28. The Company will not make a change in the form or nature of its publicly traded securities or rights or privileges, which the holders of, without informing them 21 days in advance of the proposed amendment to the exchange and to apply for the listing of the securities in the amended form, if required by the Exchange. NOW THEREFORE, taking into account the stock listing of the securities cited, which the company has herewhile agreed and agreed with the Stock Exchange as follows: Listing Agreement is the basic document that is exported between the entity and the stock exchange when companies are listed on the stock exchange. The primary purpose of the public listing agreement is to ensure that companies have good corporate governance. The Security Exchange Board of India Scholarship ensures that companies follow good corporate governance. The list agreement includes 54 clauses indicating corporate governance that listed companies must follow, otherwise companies will have to expect disciplinary action, suspensions and cancellations of securities. Companies must also provide certain information and act through the terms of the agreement.

AND CONSIDERING that a requirement of the Exchange is that the listing requires that an agreement be filed, with respect to the following conditions, which appears to be eligible for the admission and sustainability of these securities on the 36th list of the Stock Exchange. The company undertakes to allow the Exchange to immediately make available to its members and the press any information provided by the company in accordance with any of the listing requirements, provided that, in cases where such disclosure is alleged to be in the interest of the company, an appropriate special position may be made for the examination of the Stock Exchange when the information is made available. CONSIDERING that the Company submitted to the Stock Exchange an application for the listing of its securities, which is described more specifically in Schedule I, and that it submitted part of it for the adoption of a uniform regime of requirements under various securities listing agreements. Regulations 23 (4) and 31A should be immediately put forward, with the ordinary resolution to be adopted in place of a special resolution for all significant transactions with related parties that were abstained, in accordance with the provisions of the 2013 Companies Act. And the reclassification of project proponents as public shareholders under different circumstances. The regulation has been converted into a consolidated form to make all listed agreements a single structured document for simple referencing.