Sales Lead Referral Agreement

You can select either a percentage commission for the recommendations they make or a dollar amount indicated. 6.6.1 Ensure and guarantee that (i) you will conduct your business in a legal and ethical manner; (ii) You have provided and provided complete and truthful information about your application and all recommendations; (iii) You will submit all bids and ask for all the authorizations you may need to fulfill your obligations under this Agreement, (iv) you will not commit any act that would be misrepresced on Exoprise; (v) they are not a party with which Exoprise is not authorized to conduct transactions in accordance with U.S. export rules and controls; and (iv) You will comply with all applicable laws, treaties, regulations and conventions with respect to the application of this agreement, including, but not exclusively, data protection, anti-spam, advertising, copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property laws. 3.2.5 The proposed lead is located outside the territory or is located in an area where Exoprise has an exclusive agreement for the sale of products or where Exoprise is prohibited by appointment. Recommendation agreements can be complicated and take many forms, but a good agreement will always contain some essential clauses. When you write your contract, be sure to define and answer these essential questions: This is a great one. A qualified recommendation is a business manager who has already been reviewed and communicated by your agent. On the other hand, an unqualified recommendation may be as little as a name or phone number. If you only want a list of potential stakeholders, all you need is unqualified recommendations. However, if you are looking for qualified leads, be sure to specify it. That`s all! This list is not exhaustive, but it will be a great start. Keep your recommendation agreement simple and easy to understand, and you`ll be on track to grow your customers.

The effect of this agreement is subject to Exoprise`s written consent (by mail, fax or e-mail) of your application to participate in the Exoprise Recommendation Program (“approval”), and this agreement begins on the date of approval (“effective date”). Exoprise may, at its discretion, reject or refuse your application for one reason or another. Exoprise may conduct background testing and other screening measures of any kind related to your use. If Exoprise approves your application, you may, during the duration and in accordance with all the terms of this Agreement, refer the sales manager to Exoprise to allow Exoprise to request orders for Exoprise products and/or services (“Products”) 6.10 Complete Agreement and Amendment. This agreement, including all exhibitions, constitutes the whole agreement between the parties regarding its purpose and replaces all previous or concomitant, written or oral assurances, discussions, negotiations and agreements concerning its purpose. Any amendment or extension of this agreement is invalid, unless it is signed in writing by duly accredited representatives of both parties. This agreement sets a precedent for additional or inconsistent conditions in the ELPs, recommendation confirmations or other communications, unless Exoprise expressly agrees to revoke a specific part of this agreement in its duly signed version. 2.

Do you receive qualified or unqualified recommendations? 1. What is the relationship between you and the party that makes recommendations to you? 6. Resignation. This agreement may be denounced at any time by one of the contracting parties after a written notification to the other party. After the termination, the Company will pay the Affiliate all compensation due and due for transfers made before the termination date, but which have not yet been paid. 3.3 Pursuit of leads by Exoprise. The terms of contact and follow-up of “Proposed Leads” are determined at Exoprise`s sole discretion; provided, however, that you are active exoprise in the sales process with Proposed Leads