Sbs Framework Agreements

The scope of services to be provided under the Framework Agreement is divided into two (2) lots The Medical Gases in Cylinders and Bulk Gases Framework provides a competitive framework for NHS SBS customers to purchase cylinders containing a variety of medical gases. The framework of refuelling cards (lot 3 vehicle solutions: fleet management, vehicle rental/rental and refuelling cards) includes the provision of refuelling cards for public authorities. Using refueling cards is an efficient way to manage your fleet and saves fuel purchases and significantly reduces administrative burden and paperwork. This framework has a savings potential of 2%. These include digital dctates, speech recognition, and outsourced transcription services. The Framework optimises the document management process and enables seamless integration with existing IT systems across the NHS and the public sector. A new online portal, launched this week, will make it easier and faster for UK-based public sector organisations to access framework agreements for the purchase of goods and services. The Workforce and Wellbeing Services Framework was designed to provide Dener with a quality, multidisciplinary health and wellness service. The framework includes a full range of core services as well as optical services and an efficient quality safe health care delivery.

This framework offers a potential savings of 2%. Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust (“The Trust”) created this framework to provide dialysis units for fully managed services and hybrid units to themselves and other public bodies. The Trust believes that the framework agreement will allow the wider public sector to benefit from an optimised approach to service delivery. Our framework contracts are designed to ensure competitive prices, save money and improve efficiency. Customers have the option to go directly to a frame or conduct a mini-contest, allowing for greater flexibility. Frameworks offer a compliant path to market, which creates trust and offers a wide choice of vendors and excellent geographic coverage. The frames are easy to access and use. Specialist category teams are able to provide additional support if you need help developing specifications, running mini-competitions, and analyzing data to identify cost savings….