Sears Maintenance Agreement Service

Update: According to the Sears Home Warranty website, customers with sears warranty will have continued to cover their devices and systems despite Sears` bankruptcy. Sears Home Warranties are signed, managed and maintained by Cross Country Home Services. In total, I spent $1,180 and received nothing. I could have bought a new unit with a few hundred dollars more. In the end, Sears Home Warranty misrepresents its coverage, fails in its service and leaves you with nothing but a mess. You are a fundamentally dishonest company that you should avoid. This company is part of the moral and ultimately bankrupt TransformCo, LLC (director Eddie Lampert) a typical hedge-fund / Warren Buffet “never be” who took the Sears brand, dismantled and destroyed. The MA and an advanced generic warranty basically do the same thing that insurance offers for your product. For example, even if your VCR breaks under a general extended warranty, it would either be repaired or replaced, just like under an AD. Although Sears claims that its A is “very different” from an expanded warranty, it does not offer any essential evidence to justify this claim.

All MA offers that go beyond an extended basic warranty are a few additional services that you don`t really need for the period it covers. On the other hand, customer service people have been polite and willing to help, but if you need a replacement, they can only read what the “research group:” or the “Replacement Guarantee” group enters their system. In all the people I spoke to, I think I was only able to speak once to someone in the research group, and he told me to send an email about why the first offer was not satisfactory. The Sears House Warranty offers the most comprehensive coverage and includes everything included in the application warranty and system warranty. This plan is $70 per month, with a service fee of $100 per visit. This is the ABSOLUE WORST warranty service that I have ever addressed. Sears Home Warranty was just good at deducting my monthly fee for using their services. I have already used their services for two properties for over a year and I have never had any serious problems in one of the two houses where I had to use their service. The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors Appliance and Home Systems Life Expectancy Charts list many devices and home systems that can last a decade.

The operating time of these expensive items depends on usage and maintenance. Home warranties include repairing and replacing systems such as air conditioning, plumbing, heating, electrical systems and others. As we explain in our Welcome Guide, these guarantees do not replace the owner`s insurance, but protect you from significant unexpected costs. Elizabeth ended with the cynical conclusion: “I`ve heard that if you buy a protection plan, Sears puts you on the last one of the list because they already have your money. I spent two months trying to wait on my Sears protection plan without any repairs.┬áDo you already have a Sears Protection Agreement? Call 1-800-4MY-HOME for information or to plan the service.