Spada Equity Agreement

2.0 Backend AgreementThe present separate agreement is also concluded under the same conditions as the individual performance agreement. It is intended to be used in productions with funding from NZFC, NZ On Air or Te Mangai Paho. It is normally only filled in by the producer at the time of the main photograph on the production, when the number of main actors is known. It is important to note that the back-end agreement does not apply to all actors in production; but Key Performer, please follow the definition of the agreement. The agreement is provided in Word format and watermark for the specific production and/or series (if applicable). With the exception of production-specific information formulations, there is no need to change. READ ONLY version here. The issuance of the agreement/licenseProducers must sign a license agreement before the agreement is issued. To cover administrative costs, a small fee is levied based on the total production budget. [Note: The royalty does not apply to SPADA members or first producers with a production budget of less than $250,000.] If you receive funding from us, you must enter into a financing agreement (which we can design). We can also launch a distribution agency contract and/or a security agreement and laboratory access letters. You need casting and crew contracts for your lead actors and core team. We may also require a bank mandate, insurance confirmation, final loan, TV license, legal notices, and any pre-sale or distribution agreements, although many of these requirements are removed for lower-budget films.

All rights must be held by the SPV and constitute an uninterrupted chain to be considered for our financing or distribution operations. Templates for these agreements are available on the NZWG website. The fees are as follows:(a) Up to NZD1million: $500(b) Between NZD1m-NZD3million: $1,000(c) NZD3million and up: $1,500 (15% for fees) If you wish to continue using the agreement, complete the license agreement and return to the spada office ( If you have any questions, please call SPADA on 04 939 6934. Frustrated by SPADA`s unwillingness to reach collective agreements on these issues, Equity resorted to industrial action targeting local television productions. Among the new proposals is the removal of the obligation to reach an agreement in the context of collective bargaining. Recutting refers to how all the revenue from your film is shared. For traditional distribution, the GST, the fees, distribution costs and distribution costs of the exhibitors are paid first at the same time as any advances paid by the distributor.

This can leave some money for equity investors and to pay back the carryovers that have made important creatives. The Film Commission often allows private investors to get upset in front of us. . . .