Specific Performance Of Agreement To Sell Judgment

… In addition, claims that the petitioners reimburse Rs. 1 lake as serious money. Qualified lawyer for the petitioners further claims that, because the alleged agreement for sale is not registered enk…. Hon`ble Alok Singh, J.Learned lawyer for the petitioners says that the execution of the sale agreement is not refused, so no… Sections 467, 468 and 506 P.I.C are identified; He also argues that complainant No. 3 does not assert that he is and is prepared to enforce the deed of sale… With the exception of those mentioned above, the following should also be taken into account, while action is under way for the delivery. … For the benefit of a detained person, that is, an agreement providing for a partial benefit, a sale agreement, as by Se… for sale.

A relevant excerpt from the reference decision reads: “However, given that there is a conflict over the legal situation, the question of whether the complaint is at issue for some … Gurbachan Singh… v. Raghubir Singh…. (see above), this is the case where a sale agreement with surrender of the property is inadmissible as proof if it is not again… “20. Discretion for the performance of a given benefit. – (1) Jurisdiction over the performance of a given benefit is discretionary and the court is not required to grant such discharge simply because it is legal; but the Court`s discretion is not arbitrary, but sound and reasonable, orients itself to the principles of justice and is able to be corrected by an appelsal court…. » …. Bijender Mann aka Vijender Mann decided on 11.9.2013, stating: -” a) a lawsuit for a given performance, on the basis of an unregant contract/contract at … The second appeal of the defendant, which challenges the judgments and judgments of the following courts, under which the appeal of the applicant and defendant No.

1 for concrete execution of the sale agreement in question… a contract to the extent that, even if it is not registered, it can form the basis of legal action for a given benefit and be invoked as proof of the contractual or partial performance of a contract… AFFAIRE 24: The mere reason that an agreement mentions a certain amount which, from the defaulting party to the other, does not constitute grounds for refusal of special benefit On the applicant`s complaint, a bank of Judge RK Agrawal and Judge AM Sapre, found that such a discharge of the specific benefit could not be claimed with the cease action, for the following reasons: It is not uncommon for during the hanging of a legal action or even before a party to the contract creates third party rights, persons who are entitled to the property of one of the contracting parties.