State Of Maine Standard Lease Agreement

A violation of this directive constitutes a breach of the tenancy agreement and may take the tenant into breach. Energy Efficiency (B. 6030 (C)) – This statement must be made available to the tenant to inform them of the energy consumption of the property. Rent application – a tenant`s verification form before signing a rental agreement to ensure that their job, income, credit, background and all references ensure that the person is a valid tenant. Maine has a number of complex laws on tenants and landlords and what is required of each party. Talk to an experienced tenant lawyer in Maine if you have any questions about your Maine residential rental agreement. A residential real estate lease in Maine requires a number of provisions and disclosures. You can include a number of other conditions: Maine`s private leasing agreement (“lease”) can be used by landowners (“lessors”) to hate a tenant (“tenant”) for the use of their property for rent. Landlords often check a tenant`s credit to make sure they are able to pay the rent. Sublease contract – agreement between a tenant under a tenancy agreement and a new tenant, the “subtenant”, who rents directly from the original and must comply with the rules and regulations of the property. Applies to all leases in which the tenant is responsible for the payment of a service company, either directly or through the lessor. You can negotiate with your tenant and enter into contracts to accept certain conditions that would otherwise be contrary to the tacit guarantee of fitness for human habitation, provided you accept a reduction in rent or present another specified consideration. In the case of a rental agreement, you have up to 30 days to return the deposit or make a detailed declaration of repair and repair costs.

For rentals, you have 21 days. If you have not met these deadlines, you may be liable for double the down payment, including legal fees. They must not evict a tenant who is the victim of domestic violence, sexual assault or harassment. A tenant must provide a written verification of a home assault or a copy of a protective order. In the case of a tenancy agreement of less than one year, the tenant can terminate you 7 days in advance to terminate the lease. For leases of one year or more, the tenant must set a 30-day period. You can dislodge the perpetrator of domestic violence, who is a tenant, even if that tenant shares the unit with the victim as long as the victim is not evicted. Maine tenant contracts are primarily used for landowners and managers of commercial or residential buildings to enter into a contract between an individual or organization that wishes to lease land.

Most contracts are one (1) year, but the duration of the contract and lease periods can be fixed at any value set in the lease. To be valid, the agreement must contain the necessary information (see below) and be signed by both parties. It is recommended that the lessor and the sub-barer understand the background, creditworthiness and references of their potential tenants to ensure that the applicant is a good candidate to lease the property in question.