Sub Merchant Agreement

The negotiator undertakes to provide the supplier with the information that the supplier can request to confirm that sub-merchant has the right to use the acquisition services, and the subcontractors agree that all information provided by the sub-distributors for this purpose is accurate and complete. In addition, Submerchant will provide the supplier from time to time, immediately at the supplier`s request, (i) a list of the current addresses of all Submerchant branches, (ii) a list of all accepted business names (d/b/a) used by Sub-Merchant, and (iii) a list of all products and services provided by Submerchant. “ACH,” the automated clearing house. “ESSIEUX network,” the money transfer system (network) that is subject to operating rules that provide for the clearing by financial institutions of electronic registrations for participating financial institutions. “ACH transaction,” the acceptance of a cheque, whether electronic or paper, or the transfer and account information related to Payor`s bank account for the payment of goods or services sold and/or leased made available to the merchant by the merchant, and receipt of payment by the merchant via the ACH network; “account,” a debt account or other REV deposit account. IO or Submerchant has a financial institution that can be connected to a service. “Purchaser” means Vantiv, the company mandated by REV. IO to provide Card Brands with sales plans and transaction information on behalf of REV. IO and receive and pay at REV. Funding IO billing for these sales transactions. “Address Verification,” a service that allows the retailer to verify the cardholder`s billing address with the exhibitor. “Agreement” consists of the REV.

Application IO, Terms and/or Transaction Services, including all schedules, calendars, parts and annexes. “authorization,” a positive response or on behalf of an issuer to the negotiator`s request to influence a payment card processing transaction, that a payment card processing transaction is within the cardholder`s available credit limit, and that the cardholder has not declared the card lost or stolen. All payment card processing transactions require authorization. “Bank” refers to the fifth third-party bank, the financial institution mandated by REV. IO, which is a member of Card Brands and offers card sponsorship for card transactions submitted by REV. IO for treatment. “working day” every day other than Saturday or Sunday; or a day when Arizona banks are allowed to close by law or executive order; or a closing day for the Federal Reserve. “card (s) “, a visa card, MasterCard, American Express network or a debit card.

“emergency presentation of the card,” mail order, telephone order, e-commerce (Internet) or any other transaction that is not a card presentation transaction.