Unspoken Agreement Between Actor And Audience

9 Contrasting with these experiences of reality that favour a passive audience, moments in the history of the WWE have greatly strengthened the strength of the viewer. In fact, these moments occur on a small scale quite regularly. For example, in theatre, silence (usually, even if not in general) is a condition; In professional wrestling, silence is the wrestler`s most painful experience, after chants of “boring”. More than cheering or “slamming,” the wrestling public shows its true power when its proclamations are more negative. Then there are the posters in the audience, a regular view of all the WWE events. There are the usual banners of the Cenation, but there are also “Smark” signs like the Anonymous RAW GM? In 2011, the panel was seen during a RAW taping in Liverpool and responded to a WWE story that had disappeared without resolution. These posters offer short moments of democratic expression. The lights are silent and the theatre is silent, while the audience waits for the breath stopped. That`s right? Is the show over? Suddenly, a ray of energy bursts from the stage as the actors pour into orchestrated positions and movements.

The applause of the audience fills the theatre, while the actors perform their last clue for the night: they incure themselves. 16 The grudge between Goldberg and Lesnar, as promoted in WWE programming until wrestlemania XX, was not considered legitimate by any of the fans in part (mostly very young). A question such as “Who will win”, it is worth admitting, has as much interest for the fan to know “who will survive the authors (indicate the victory) ” as for the na├»ve fan who asks who will win the legitimate sports competition. However, neither actor was expecting the public reaction at Madison Square Garden. For the visible excitement of both, their match was not accomplished by boos and cheers, but by slow hands and chants of “You sold out”, “This match sucks” and “Goodbye”. (WWE 2004) When the competition ended to meet the public`s demands, the most special referee, Steve Austin, had the right to administer decisive blows to the winner and the loser (his patented “Stunner”), to confirm their humiliation granted by the public and to give a satisfactory result to the fans. It is almost impossible to understand this narrative pivot that takes place in any other live performance medium. Nevertheless, there is another shady aspect of this event.

Although they have never been confirmed by the WWE, many fan podcasts, websites and forums claim that Vince McMahon`s son, Shane, was in the crowd and joined the chants.