Use Of Written Agreements In Social Work

A social worker who responded to the survey commented that the agreements were “excessive” or could be “vague or unrealistic” and therefore fail families. This interviewee admitted that she was an inexperienced social worker both vaguely and through written agreements. I am sure there are cases of written agreements that are used to achieve an outcome that would not be achievable in court and that is not acceptable. But if the parents are properly informed that a certain behaviour is likely to give rise to an injunction and the social workers declare that, if no change is made, they will seek that order, it seems preferable that it be written down and that the parents have the choice to accept or go to court. So why do you need a written agreement? I used it absolutely because it was culture, and I thought it was good and would keep the kids safe. When I think back, I wasn`t thinking SLOWLY enough, I only did the process and it gave me and other agencies the certainty that the parents were newly partitioning. What he made available to parents…. Just a threat… Motivating change through fear… something that would be used against family members to cause more trauma and unrealistic pressure. However, it is important to recognize that there could be consequences if the parents did not comply with a written agreement they signed. If injured, it can be used as evidence in court that parents do not work honestly with professionals and/or make the necessary changes to ensure adequate care or protection of their children. When social services are linked to children, their parents or large families are often asked to sign a document often referred to as a “written agreement,” “trust contract,” “employment contract” or “partnership contract.” Parents are not always able to obtain legal advice when asked to sign these documents, and there may be misunderstandings about the status of such agreements and the consequences of refusing to sign or do something that says the parents cannot do.

For example, a person with mental health problems may feel that they need to be in contact with their mental health team.